Windows 8 – Boot to desktop

Following the installation of Windows 8.1, many of the little niggles I found annoying are fixed from a single settings menu, including;

  • Boot to desktop
  • Start menu has same background as desktop. Whilst it is a small change, it has a big impact. No longer am I instantly lost as the whole screen changes colour. It integrates much better (plus another place to have my cat background :D)
  • Apps are shown instead of the tile. The tiles have their place on mobile devices, but I don’t have much use for them. Instead I show Apps, and sort “by most used”.
  • Better multi-screen support.

This menu is accessed by;

  • Right clicking an empty part of the task bar (the bar where the program short cuts are sitting).
  • Left clicking the menu option “Properties”
  • Left clicking the tag “Navigation”

There are many more changes (many little niggles), but this was one of the ones I appreciate the most.

Configuring Windows 8 to boot to desktop