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Neo evades me

Yanna sent me a picture of her using a banana as a phone (what a smile she had too :D). Surprisingly, Yanna was not referencing the well known “Banana phone” song, but instead was imitating the following Keanu Reeves picture:


My instinct told me immediately that this was an edited image from the Matrix. I went ahead and watched the “Escaping from work” scene, to find only the following shot:


I now thought that perhaps another film had Keanu actually using a banana as a phone. My search failed to return any results. I went back to a more generic search, and found a fan site that had the following shot:


Yanna suggested that it may have been a camera shot as a opposed to the film footage. After looking through the fan site and seeing other shots of the Matrix that were not shots from the film footage, this seemed the most sensible explanation.