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Complexities of emotion

After having a conversation with a friend tonight, I felt that something I said was worth keeping as a reminder. It sounds almost cynical (something I have been blamed for being countless times in the past), but it wasn’t my intention. Instead, I was agreeing and providing my observation as to why “love” is something complex at the simplest of times.

as is life
love is deffo the hardest thing in life

It can be the most challenging, I agree. The difficulty is that time changes everything; the world around you, the people you are with, and most of all, you. And it doesn’t change just who you are, but your past too; you look back differently, consciously or not, and twist and warp your memories through nostalgia or hate, further creating differences between you today and you last year / five years ago / twenty years ago.

Combine this with the wonders that is the chemical unbalances of your body, and the corrupting effect control systems like money, religion, social status etc. can have and you have a massively dynamic environment – unpredictable by it’s nature , by which you are to conduct the wonderful emotion that is… love.

VPN using OpenVPN

To ease firewall complexities, and allow quite interesting network setups (combining resources from several physical locations seamlessly, for example), I’ve used OpenVPN as my VPN technology. PPTP is the easiest (smallest amount of configuration), however is no where near as feature rich and secure as OpenVPN.

Whilst OpenVPN offers both routed and bridged setup, I’ve been using the routing because;

  1. it has a simpler configuration, and
  2. allows a clear separation of networks (i.e. by default, one subnet cannot access the other)

Through the use of iptables, and the OpenVPN push configurations, it’s been quite simple to share the resources over the subnets.

The resources I used were;

First weekend in Cardiff

After a nervous travel to Cardiff by car, I have stayed for the first time in Cardiff, with Yanna, in her flat by the bay.

Some mishaps have occurred (including having to drive back to the shop to buy the main part of our meals, breaking a part of Yannas furniture when loading it into the car, spilling my rice and korma onto the floor, and walking into an ajar door! – all in one day -.-), but it has been a nice weekend.

We are about to have Yannas special spaghetti, and Yanna is asking me what I want to watch…

“no idea” 😛

Nexus 4 – Price drop

I’ve been oggling over the Nexus 4 since it came out. I’ve seen quite a few of my friends choosing it for the features it offers at the price it charged. At the time, I couldn’t justify the cost of getting the smartphone, especially when I considered how often (or little in this case) that I used my phone.

However, Google are going to release a new version of the phone and so have heavily discounted the current version by a third (shop) and so I took a dive and bought it.

I’m receiving the phone sometime later in September. I’ll write some thoughts I’ve had about the phone then.