Not enough drive space!

Context; Ubuntu 12.04 server, where root (“/”) has just 7 GB of space (don’t ask me why I was such a Scrooge when I set it up).

For the last two months, I haven’t been able to run updates on the server as it complained of not having enough drive space. On checking, I indeed had only about 20 MB left. I clean away another 500 MB, but alas, the problem persisted. At the time, I neither had the time to investigate or could afford the server going down (as it was integral to my development process), so I left it until tonight.

“df -h” again showed me that I had the 500 MB free, and so I searched online. I found a post that reminded me that there was also a possibility that I’d run out of INodes, and so I checked using “df -i”. True to form, this was the case. I closed down all my mounts and searched for where they were being used using;

find / -xdev -printf ‘%h\n’ | sort | uniq -c | sort -k 1 -n

And to my horror I then noticed 20 kernel versions just sitting there taking up 30% of the INodes. I tried to purge them, but my package manager was wanting to perform another task first that required INodes – Catch 22.

In the end, I moved the files over to the storage drives I had attached and linked them over (in case they were a dependency in some way or another). 30 minutes later of updating and purging, everything was fixed.

4 day weekend

It’s been six months since my last post, so I’ve decided to post my itinerary for the weekend ahead;

  • Christmas party at Fiddys on Saturday
  • Three days in Cardiff with my special Yanna
  • Visiting school friends on Sunday evening
  • Trying to avoid being called by anyone in the mean time!

Robin Williams

Today I learnt of Robin Williams having passed away. Jo and I were both visibly upset at such news. It makes the news even harder to hear when taking into account the circumstances; that a man who could, and still does, bring so much joy died seemingly in so much sadness.

Whilst my interactions with him have solely been in one direction through the medium of entertainment, the impact he’s had on me, and will continue to have, is more than most two way interactions ever could.

Confused and awake

This page exists simple because I am confused due to a significant amount of dehydration and awake because I won’t just turn off my devices and close my eyes.

I can only hope that I am able to function tomorrow in a better state than this.

Server updates!

Server loads have dropped from around 1.2 to 0.2 as a result of me changing how the different services I offer are run and work together. Three days of late nights culminating in this post.

The experience has been very unlike my previous server reboots; most ideas and attempts ran first time without any errors, making me think that I was not testing the correct thing!

With this period over now, I’ll continue working on my projects and hopefully finish them up soon too.

Youtube Updates

I’ve always found YouTube a difficult interface to use for anything but finding a specific video that I recall in my mind. They’ve tried in various ways to present content I’m interested in (my subscriptions), what they think I’m interested in (recommendations), and trending in different ways; and each interface ended up being ignored because it was too clunky / cumbersome / inaccurate etc.

The most recent round of updates have made it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.